At Giordano we are proud to design clothing that is made, where possible, from unique and sustainable fabrics, as we want to create menswear that can be enjoyed and valued for years. A garment’s environmental footprint is strongly determined by its quality and usage. Purchasing one quality garment which can last for years, has a significantly smaller environmental impact than purchasing multiple poor-quality garments over the same period of time.

Over the years Giordano has developed close, personal relationships with our manufacturers to craft high quality goods. We are committed to safer, cleaner, and more ethical clothing production methods.  The result is quality clothing that is made to last, and a more positive impact on the environment because of less waste, and more use of sustainable resources.

Our manufacturers must feel proud and confident to be part of the Giordano family. We ensure they are all paid fairly and treated well.

We inspect our manufacturers every few months.  Our manufacturers have annual inspections from other international companies as well, and receive these certificates: (ISO9001-2008/SA8000/EMS/GOTS/OKETEX)